Who & What We Treat

Societally, the experience of mental heath symptoms has long carried a stigma. Because of this stigma, many individuals do not receive the support they need. According to the NIMH, "mental illnesses are common in the United States.  Nearly a one in five U.S. adult lives with a mental illness (44.7 million in 2016)".


Mental illnesses include many different conditions that vary in degree and severity, ranging from mild to moderate to severe. For example, 4.4% 

of adults will experience bipolar and related disorder at some point in

their lives and Generalized Anxiety Disorder affects 3.1% of the US population" (National Institute of Mental Health).

At Connect Wellness, we know our clients are more than their diagnosis. Our approach acknowledges symptoms as a guide and a way to understand each person’s unique temperament, patterns (thought and behavior), and conflicts that can serve as obstacles for psychological growth and well-being. We work to honor and acknowledge the individual as autonomous, creative, and whole.  Contact Us.