Our Program 

The core of our program is a 36-session curriculum consisting of three components over the course of 90 days.  Clients may enter programming at any point in the curriculum and intensity may be increased or decreased based on the individual’s assessment and progress in treatment.  

Treatment groups are kept small with a target size of 6 – 8 individuals. Within a small group, each client can be recognized more easily, participate, and receive direct attention from our facilitators. Individual therapy sessions are provided in addition to, not in place of, group treatment and are scheduled at least once-per-week.  More frequent individual therapy sessions are available as needed or desired by the client.  


As an alternative, clients may attend our treatment groups for support and continue seeing their own therapist for continuity.  In addition, we help our clients find other specialists for further treatment such as helping to address medication management related issues.

Programming is offered in the evening to help deal with the stress of the day in a timely manner.  One is therefore able to go to work or school, take care of the kids, and navigate the daily routine and then attend our program once the day’s work is completed.  The individual will be able to process with peers who share similar experiences and interact within a dynamic milieu with the guidance of mental health professionals who can aid in countering threats to one’s mental wellness.

We treat each individual based on a thorough assessment of biological, psychological, and social factors that affect one’s state of mental health. We measure progress in treatment using both qualitative and quantitative indicators to ensure the treatment plan is moving towards one’s goals.


The individualized treatment plan is developed, reviewed, and revised with the client’s input throughout treatment.  With new objectives established, one can indeed move forward and heal.  Contact Us.